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Will In-Person Conferences Return in 2021?

The new year is right around the corner—so too is a vaccine that will offer mass protection from the novel coronavirus.

What does this mean for the security industry? Specifically, will conferences, retreats, and other events be held in person again post-COVID-19?

Here are three factors to consider.

1. In-person events may return—but they’ll likely be held on a smaller scale.

The economic repercussions of the pandemic have already put a strain on companies’ travel budgets.

Even when it’s safe to gather again, chances are conferences won’t be held on anywhere near the scale of pre-pandemic levels. Until businesses recover, participants can expect less lavish events (with plenty of virtual, more cost-effective options).

2. Attendees may experience crowd anxiety for some time.

A survey targeting marketers found that only 34% of people would consider attending a conference without a COVID-19 vaccine.

Even with a vaccine, there’s a chance that workers—many of whom have grown accustomed to work-from-home and social-distancing measures—will be reluctant to mingle in person with strangers. To ensure a reassuring experience, organizers will truly have to go above and beyond.

3. People can expect more tech in their events.

Though the technology is far from flawless, 2020 has largely been a year of online connectivity. For the first time ever, digital events have become the norm—and it’s more than likely they aren’t going anywhere.

From Zoom, to platforms like Socio and InEvent, participants can gather for digital conferences from the comfort of home. There are plenty of features for registration and networking, along with tools for events of all types and sizes.

In this way, you can bet organizers will continue to facilitate hybrid events. Now more than ever, tech—and the security that comes with it—are a crucial part of our world.

Have questions about conferences and other large-scale events in a post-COVID environment? Curious about the security services available at our firm? Please contact us for a free consultation.

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