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Filming in Public: How to Manage Crowd Control and Privacy Concerns

From the Upper Peninsula to Detroit, Michigan has striking locations for all sorts of film crews. Yet regardless of where you base your production, filming in public places comes with a unique set of security concerns. This article will focus on managing crowds and addressing privacy issues.

Crowd Control Challenges

Unfortunately for film crews, shooting a movie, TV show, or even a commercial in public can lead to disruptions. Crowds may gather around your filming location, causing congestion, obstructing walkways, or even getting in the way of emergency services.

That’s not all. Access control is essential as well. Whether they do so unintentionally or deliberately, curious onlookers may interfere with your cast and crew. The risks here range from compromising the authenticity of a scene to damaging your production equipment.

And on the rare occasion, crowded public filming locations can attract attention from real criminals. Crew members and their costly equipment may become targets for theft or assault. This is one of the main reasons why it’s so important to hire security for your production.

Privacy Concerns

We’ve discussed the value of crowd control. Now let’s talk privacy.

You probably know that despite filming in a public place, people are still entitled to certain privacy rights. Crew members should make sure that onlookers always get consent before they record celebrities, emerging talent, or other identifiable people.

You’ll also want to be careful and protect your cast and crew members’ private information. From their financial transactions to their confidential conversations, a breach of trust can have severe consequences ranging from identity theft to a damaged reputation. Here again, a security presence can help keep things under control.

How to Address Security Challenges

By following these steps, you can mitigate potential security issues and ensure a smooth film production in Michigan.

  • Get the right permits

By securing the appropriate filming permits, and then coordinating with local authorities, you can manage crowds and create a safe environment. Remember that in addition to the police, traffic management and emergency services can minimize disruptions on your set.

  • Use proper signage

Be transparent with the public, and post plenty of signage letting them know that you’ll be filming. This will keep people from flocking to your set in search of information. Include details on the nature of the production, the expected filming duration, and any restrictions.

  • Hire security guards

Finally, employing a team of security guards can help maintain order and keep people a safe distance from your set. Trained security personnel know exactly how to control crowds, secure perimeters, and take quick action in the event that something does happen.

TV and movie productions are expensive, but security guards are well worth the investment. Our team can help you navigate your options and pick the best solution for your filming needs.

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