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Why Security Guards?

Let's take some time to discuss the importance of security guards in society, what it means to be a security guard and the image security guards hold.

The Big Picture

In reality, security guards play an important role in society. While police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical responders are often recognized as the first responders. Security guards are often right at the front as well with little to no credit given. While often having to be prepared to perform the jobs of law enforcement, firefighters, and medical responders. The guardsmen in many if not most cases receive less training and yet are expected to be just as qualified as all three.

Malls and factories are some of the best examples of where the worst can and does happen with security guards being the first to respond to emergencies. You can find many examples online of these guards risking their own lives to save the lives of others and in some cases spending their lives to save the lives of others. You can be hard-pressed to find someone that would associate the term security guard with heroism. But look around and you can find some incredible stories of actions performed by your everyday security guard.

The Life of a Guardsmen

Having served as a guardsman myself I know all too well how thankless job security can be to work. It is often little pay, long hours and dull work. The average day on an average post will have little going on. Now, this doesn’t stand true for all security posts. Take, loss prevention, for example. This type of post can be adrenaline-packed and fast-paced as far as security work goes. Requiring the apprehension and detention of shoplifters. But for most, your day will consist of assisting customers or staff with getting around a large building, locating lost items or conducting patrols. But if you, as a guardsmen, are doing your job correctly you should have little to do. By talking to a guest, greeting people as they enter the property or giving a wave and smile to passers-by you are taking preventative measures to deter crime from ever occurring.

The Security Image

The security industry does not carry with it the most prestigious image. Hollywood often depicts security guards as “mall cops” or cannon fodder for a bad guy. Likewise, the public image of security guards is that of wanna-be-cops. This is unfortunate for many of the guards that want to make a difference in their communities but without all the conflict that can be associated with police officers. While at the same time the ranks of many security guard agencies are filled with current law enforcement officers, law enforcement cadets or future cadets.

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