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Why Plan a Security Services Career in Retirement?

Did you know that many retirees work part-time in the security services industry?

This article will help you determine whether a later-stage career in the security space is right for you or someone you love.

Working Part-Time in Retirement

Retirement isn’t quite what it used to be—at least not for everyone.

Nowadays, a number of seniors continue working after age 65.

Working part-time later in life not only brings in extra cash, but it lessens symptoms of restlessness and boredom in retirement.

A career in cybersecurity or physical security can help bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Benefits of a Security Career in Retirement

Here are just some of the reasons for retirees to consider a role in security services.

  • Stay informed

In retirement, it’s far too easy for seniors to fall behind technologically. Maintaining a role in a tech-heavy sector like security—which includes systems like keyless entry and surveillance solutions—can help seniors stay on top of the latest tech. What better way to stay informed and connected to society?

  • Keep active

If you work in cybersecurity, you’ll keep your mind active. Work in physical security, and you can also get a gentle workout in each day. Active seniors have a lower risk of many health issues, and most security jobs involve quite a bit of walking—a low-impact activity with massive health benefits.

  • Leverage past experience

Most retirees have nearly 50 years of professional experience—and a role in security makes applying decision-making and critical-thinking skills easy. Whether you work in live events or a crowded office building, a role in the security services industry will allow you to put your past work experience to use.

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