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Why Hire an Overnight Security Guard?

Have you put much thought into protecting your business after-hours?

This is where night patrol services may come in.

Prevent Crime with Nighttime Security

Commissioning overnight security can help to prevent crime from taking place in and around your business.

According to police incident reports in cities across the U.S., crimes like robbery and assault are more likely to occur overnight.

While locking up and advertising your security company are effective ways to protect your business, night patrol services can go the extra mile in safeguarding your property, staff, and company.

Protect Your Business from Break-Ins, Burglary, and Vandalism

Business theft—or breaking and entering a company with the intent of stealing—is expensive. So is vandalism, which can put small businesses out an average of $3,370 per incident.

From structural damage, to the loss of merchandise, retail crime is a real hassle.

A potential solution? Commissioning nighttime security services to deter criminals from targeting your business in the first place.

It’s simple: With highly-trained security officers working onsite, you can reduce your chances of falling victim to break-ins, burglary, and vandalism.

Ensure Prompt Communication with Law Enforcement

If a crime does occur at or around your business, chances are your top priority is to keep everyone safe.

Of course, you want to prevent the crime from occurring in the first place.

Security staff can help keep criminals at bay—but in the event of an incident, small business owners can rest easy knowing they have someone onsite to handle the situation quickly and communicate promptly with the police.

Here’s the thing: Nighttime security officers, in addition to responding rapidly to alarm systems, will immediately contact law enforcement if needed. This means that instead of dealing with suspected criminal activity in the morning, you can seek justice in real time.

Have questions about the benefits of commissioning overnight security? Please share your thoughts in the comments below—or contact us to learn more about what Umbrella Security Services can do for your business.

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