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What Does House Arrest Entail?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Some defendants may opt for house arrest over jail time.

This post will outline what home confinement looks like.

What Is House Arrest?

You’ve probably seen it in the movies: A character gets arrested, is equipped with an ankle monitor, and stays home instead of going to jail. The ankle-monitoring device uses GPS to track the location and movements of the person under house arrest.

While relatively uncommon, house arrest does happen from time to time.

Electronically-monitored home confinement restricts the person’s movements to their own property while they await trial (or for the duration of their sentence).

Who Is Eligible for House Arrest?

House arrest is generally reserved for first-time, nonviolent offenders.

In most cases, the offender must have a landline phone either inside the home or within the perimeter of their property to which they’re confined.

The court will consider the arrestee’s employment status and family situation in issuing house arrest over incarceration. If the offender committed a crime inside their home, chances are they won’t be eligible for house arrest.

Are People on House Arrest Allowed to Leave?

While offenders on house arrest can’t leave their property whenever they choose, some might be able to get permission to visit certain locations. The court must pre-approve any reason the arrestee leaves home.

The court might approve:

  • Work or school

  • Religious services

  • Community service

  • Probation meetings

  • Medical appointments

Offenders may also write in to the court for permission to attend a funeral or other important event. Both the probation officer and the court will review the offender’s request before granting permission on a case-by-case basis.

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