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What are the Different Methods of Counter Surveillance?

For any individual or organization, protecting one’s privacy is paramount. When that is likely being compromised or at risk of being so, it’s essential that you’re aware of what methods you can implement in order to help protect you and your privacy.

Cyber TSCM & Software Countermeasures

There’s certainly an apparent, growing risk of cyberattacks and threats on both individuals and businesses as more of us create a digital footprint on the internet. Not only that, but much of business is now being done over the internet and a lot of that can include sensitive and confidential data.

This is a big attraction for cyberattackers wanting to exploit those weak spots where data is being protected. It’s worth ensuring that those responsible for the IT systems are implementing the very best in firewall protection, employee education on safer browsing, and adapting to the methods in which hackers attack and infiltrate. TSCM techniques can provide all of the necessary visual, physical, and digital searches needed to alert said individuals of this activity.

Covert Surveillance

One of the easiest and most simple countermeasures to put in place is to use your own covert surveillance. This can be a video doorbell to CCTV placed on the perimeter of your property in order to identify anything suspicious or to catch those involved in illegal activities, such as breaking and entering.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

When it comes to technical surveillance, this would involve methods of conducting TSCM surveys, bug sweeps, and searching for any recording or listening devices within the building. Whether this is a commercial building or a private residence, technology has become so advanced that detection equipment can often be discreet and almost impossible to see with the naked eye. However sophisticated these devices and methods become though, professional-grade equipment provided by a company like ours can detect the frequencies used with devices such as these. Here is an example of one of these bug devices:

(Image Credit: QCC Global)

In certain scenarios where there might be highly confidential board meetings and AGMs taking place in business, a sweep like this can prove quite useful.

Human Countermeasures & Counterintelligence

A good way of adding counter-surveillance measures is by providing security guards for your business. Having a visual reminder that your business is being protected and secured can go a long way to avoiding criminal behavior. Being aware of certain situations the individual may be going into as well as avoiding specific locations can help to counter most threats of surveillance.

Counterintelligence operations on a national level exist in order to protect and monitor against surveillance from other countries and criminal groups, for example, terrorists.

These are just a few methods of counter-surveillance that can prove very effective in ensuring the safety and security of any businesses and individuals around the country and beyond.

Umbrella Security Services offers a wealth of security solutions and investigatory and safety services that can help ensure your business is protected at all times when it comes to privacy.

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