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Uniformed vs. Plainclothes Security: How to Make the Right Decision

So you’re thinking of hiring security guards for your event or business.

This is an empowering decision. It’ll allow you to protect your people and property, all while helping the public build trust in your organization. But before you take the leap, you’ll want to determine whether to hire uniformed or plainclothes professionals.

What’s the right move?

It depends on your goal. This piece will outline the benefits of uniformed and plainclothes security, and help you make the right choice for your needs. Whether you operate a retail center, a sporting venue, or another space, the right combination of guards can take your security to the next level.

Benefits of Uniformed Security

Maybe access control is your top priority. Perhaps you’re looking to conduct bag searches, oversee a metal detector, or man an elevator bank. Uniformed security guards are perfect in these situations. This is because they project a sense of authority and help to streamline situations that require a sense of order.

Uniformed guards bring peace of mind by taking on a preventive role. Their reassuring look positions them as gatekeepers, helping them deter criminal behavior in a variety of settings.

Benefits of Plainclothes Security

Plainclothes security guards are designed to blend in with the crowd. This allows them to conduct surveillance with minimal disruption. Plain-clothed guards might catch people in the act of shoplifting, for instance, or spot employees acting nefariously. They’re skilled at working covertly.

Often, plain-clothed guards work alongside uniformed guards. This helps the two types of professionals communicate inconspicuously, working together to prevent loss, control crowds, and monitor people’s behavior.

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