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Top Benefits of Entrance Turnstiles

Turnstiles allow companies to manage entry into their facilities.

These solutions control the flow of people in and out of designated areas. They help to prevent tailgating by forming a barrier that deters unauthorized entry.

Public transportation systems, warehouses, sports venues, and even certain retail centers use turnstiles to control their entrances. This piece will outline the top benefits of these security solutions.

  • Count Attendance

In addition to increasing security, some companies use turnstiles to count the number of people coming in and out of a facility or venue. Athletic centers, amusement parks, and other locations may install turnstiles with counters for insights into peak traffic times and overall traffic flow.

  • Restrict Access

Turnstiles help to determine who can enter a venue—and when. This allows companies to restrict access anonymously. On public transit, for instance, riders may need to present their (paper or mobile) ticket to move through the turnstile. This ensures only those with the proper credentials can enter.

  • Increase Throughput

Quick throughput is another clear benefit of turnstiles. Without them, attendants have to conduct manual checks—which takes a lot more time. Turnstiles, in this way, help to minimize backups and other traffic issues at key access points. They’re a great way to automate (and elevate) throughput.

  • Deter Trespassing

Turnstiles come in a range of shapes and sizes. While waist-height options are effective from a security standpoint, full-height turnstiles offer an added layer of protection. They make trespassing virtually impossible and are often used in higher-risk settings like data centers, prisons, and military sites.

Turnstiles are best used alongside guards. Without a healthy guard presence, your turnstiles might not be as effective as they otherwise could be.

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