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Spotlight on Our Nation’s Capital: Inauguration Security in D.C.

While this article is by nature political, we’d like to set politics aside and take a closer look at President-Elect Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration event.

Specifically, this piece will examine the event’s security needs.

What will it take to ensure a safe experience?

Security in Light of the Capitol Siege

On January 6—less than a week into 2021—protestors stormed Washington, D.C. in support of Donald Trump.

The crowds intensified throughout the day, and in the early afternoon, the Capitol was ultimately sieged.

A text alert from Capitol police sent the following to every phone: “Due to security threat inside: immediately, move inside your office, take emergency equipment, lock the doors, take shelter.”

It was too late to keep the intruders out.

Demonstrators, some of them costumed, posed for photos.

A casualty ensued.

Arrests have since been made, and the Capitol is again under control. But inauguration organizers and transition officials are nervous. A spike in security will be key to protecting D.C. these next few weeks—on Inauguration Day in particular.

U.S. Secret Service Preparations

The United States Secret Service is responsible for developing an appropriate, comprehensive security plan for the upcoming event.

Carried out in conjunction with National Special Security Event (NSSE) partners, the plan will hone in on specific management areas and potential responses both leading up to and throughout Inauguration Day.

Two days after the Capitol Siege, the Secret Service released a statement indicating they’ve “been working tirelessly to anticipate and prepare for all possible contingencies at every level.”

The Department of Defense, various intelligence agencies, and other security officials are coordinating to establish sound perimeters and mitigate threats and crises. It’s safe to say they’re prepared for what may end up being, given the current political climate, a contentious event.

The Inauguration Will Ultimately Proceed

Biden has stated he’ll take the train to D.C. for the inauguration, and that he is undeterred by the destabilizing effects of Wednesday’s uprising and the ongoing pandemic. Trump is not planning to attend, though other Republican leaders—including Vice President Mike Pence—plan to be there.

In the meantime, officials will continue to join forces in an effort to maximize security. Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser drafted a letter requesting additional security funding for the event, and it’s highly likely her request will be approved.

“My administration has reevaluated our preparedness posture for the Inauguration,” she wrote, “including requesting the extension of D.C. National Guard support through January 24, 2021.”

While unsettling, communication is key to an effective security plan. We’re confident organizations will coordinate to maximize security and safety through Inauguration Day.

What are your thoughts on security in light of recent events at the Capitol? Please share your thoughts in the comments below—or contact us to learn more about what Umbrella Security Services can do for your business.

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