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Is Your Phone’s Location Tracking Safe?

Location tracking—where to start?

At the onset of this smartphone feature, users were excited. People were tracking their friends and family, and checking in at specific locations every time they left the house. (Kidding—sort of.)

Well, a lot’s changed since then. Location tracking has become more controversial. And this piece will offer a brief overview of why that is.

What Is Location Tracking?

Location tracking is your cell phone’s ability to track—you guessed it—your location.

Your device uses different methods to do this. The first involves your device’s Global Positioning System (GPS), built directly into the phone, which signals where you are. Simultaneously, your phone captures specific directions and map routes that track your location. And on sites that include geotagging features, you can choose to broadcast your own location.

Is Location Tracking Secure?

While your phone won’t blast your whereabouts for all the world to see, location tracking isn’t entirely foolproof. To amp up your security, take stock of whether you’re sharing your personal details with strangers. Posting real-time vacation photos, for instance, will indicate your house is empty. To avoid falling victim to a crime, be careful about the information you share.

The Benefits of Location Tracking

Location tracking isn’t all bad. Remember those trying times before we all had maps at our fingertips? Without Google or Apple directing us, it was much easier to get lost and, well, screwed. And speaking of getting lost, these same tracking services can help to locate a lost or stolen phone. Talk about an empowering way to use technology.

The most important thing, though? Use these features responsibly. That is, aim to be in charge of how much you share.

Do you have questions about our security services? Please share your thoughts in the comments below—or contact us to learn more about what Umbrella Security Services can do for your business.

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