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Is It Safe to Eat at a Restaurant Right Now?

Remember when we visited movie theaters on cold winter nights, breathing in the indoor-air mask-free?

Remember when we ate at restaurants without a care in the world?

We sure do. It feels like a lifetime ago, though.

And since Michigan bars and restaurants have reopened for indoor dining (under a set of strict parameters), and COVID-19 vaccine distribution is slowly underway, we have a few thoughts on the current state of the food service industry.

In actuality, we’d like to pose a question so many of us are wondering: Is it safe to eat at a restaurant right now?

The Truth About Indoor Dining During COVID-19

Under the latest order implemented on February 1, Michigan bars and restaurants must follow a specific safety protocol to reopen. This includes:

· Operating at 25% capacity.

· Closing at 10 p.m. or earlier.

· Separating each party by no fewer than 6 feet.

· Limiting each table to six people.

· Enforcing masks when guests aren’t eating or drinking.

With these guidelines in place, indoor dining isn’t foolproof—but health risks are significantly lower.

Practice Communication

Have questions about what restaurants are doing to protect diners and staff?

Don’t hesitate to ask them.

Chances are that as long as you’re polite, team members will appreciate your showing up in the first place.

And they’ll be happy to let you know what they’re doing to get people through the pandemic safely and sanely.

Be Kind to Service Providers

Ultimately, it’s important to have empathy for service providers and really anyone who’s putting their well-being at risk to work during the pandemic.

These are challenging times, and the public health crisis has dragged on for nearly a year now, but—at the risk of sounding cheesy—a little kindness really can go a long way.

What are your thoughts on restaurant dining at this stage of the pandemic? Please share your thoughts in the comments below—or contact us to learn more about what Umbrella Security Services can do for your business.

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