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Strategies to Stay Safe at a Music Festival

Music festival season is right around the corner.

If you’re planning on spending time outside listening to your favorite acts this spring, you’ve come to the right place. Your safety is a high priority, and we want to make sure you flash your wristband with some key tips in mind. Keep reading this post to learn more.

Before the Music Festival

Come to the music festival armed with a plan. Consider the following best practices leading up to the big event.

  • Choose the right footwear.

You want to make sure you’re steady on your feet, right? Flip-flops really aren’t ideal. By wearing sneakers or high-tops, you can reduce your chances of slipping and move through crowds quickly.

  • Leave the expensive jewelry at home.

Packed crowds, standing-room-only areas—need we say more about leaving your jewelry at home? You don’t want to lose the bracelet, get those earrings torn off, or have your favorite necklace stolen.

  • Prioritize your front pockets.

A word of warning: keep your valuables close. Aim to store your phone and wallet in your front pocket or in a fanny pack. Back pockets—and backpacks, for that matter—are much easier to steal from.

  • Eat well and stay hydrated.

Plan to eat a hearty meal before you arrive at the music festival. Be sure to get enough protein, and stay hydrated. While you’ll have plenty of access to water at the event, it’s best to drink water in advance too.

  • Bring sunscreen.

Soaking up the sun feels nice—when you wear sunscreen, that is. Make sure to pack plenty of the stuff before your festival, and set reminders to reapply often. The higher the SPF, the more protected you’ll be.

  • Don’t forget the essentials.

You’ll want to keep some essentials on your person. Your ID, prescription medication, and a phone charger or two are a solid place to start. The more prepared you are before the event, the better!

During the Music Festival

So you have a good safety foundation for your next music festival. What precautions should you take while you’re there?

Consider the following:

  • Use the buddy system.

Plan to stay close (or at the very least, in touch) with a friend throughout the festival. Promise to look out for each other, and to check in regularly. Hold each other accountable—but above all, protect one another.

  • Come up with an escape plan.

Hopefully you won’t have to put this plan into action. But taking stock of all the exits, and thinking about how you can leave the crowd safely, can go a long way. You’ll be well-prepared in an emergency.

  • Limit your alcohol intake.

It goes without saying that you don’t want to drink to point of excess. Throwing back too many drinks can lead to dehydration and inhibit your judgment—both of which are major festival safety issues.

  • Stay on the outside edges of crowds.

We understand the appeal of moshing, or of standing directly in front of your favorite act. To lower your risk of getting stuck in a crowd crush, however, you’ll want to stay on the outside edges of the audience.

  • Be careful when picking things up off the ground.

Did you drop your phone, your wallet, or a piece of jewelry? Proceed with extreme caution. Kneeling down will increase your risk of getting trampled. Make sure it’s safe before you retrieve your items.

What to Do in a Crowd Surge

It’s very unlikely that you’ll get caught in an actual emergency. If you do, don’t panic.

Simply keep the following safety strategies in mind:

  • Remember to breathe.

While you may want to scream or panic, try to keep calm. Remember to breathe, and do what you can to avoid depleting your oxygen supply. This will also reduce your chances of fainting in a crowd surge.

  • Protect your head and neck.

Most crowd-related injuries occur when people fall to the ground. Do what you can to stay on your feet—and be sure to protect your head and neck. If you do fall in an emergency, curl up in the fetal position.

  • Conserve your energy.

It may sound counterintuitive, but you’ll want to move with a crowd surge rather than against it. You can’t resist hundreds or even thousands of people—so do what you can to calmly move with everyone.

We hope these strategies help you stay safe at your next music festival. If you have any concerns at all about your or others’ safety, don’t hesitate to approach the nearest security guard. These key hires are around to help you have the best (and safest) time possible.

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