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How to Practice Healthy Skills to Ace That Interview

Be invested. Know the company, research the job, show your knowledge so your employer sees that this interview and hopefully the job means something to you. 

Practice. This can provide you with confidence. What questions might they ask you, if you were hiring people what would you like to know? You don't want to practice word for word because you want it to flow naturally but to have an idea of if you can be any color what color would it be and why' you will thank yourself later. 

Confidence. All these will lead to a better feeling about your abilities and how you can provide your best self for the job. Prepare yourself time in advance. Practice your questions, go to workshops, get good sleep, eat healthily, buy a new blouse or tie. Maybe work with making conversation with strangers or volunteer to be a public speaker. Once you can think under pressure and learn to exchange words under a whim will help you in higher stressed interviews.

Be present. Have open body language. Project yourself forward. Use good eye contact, firm handshakes and a bright smile. Keep your shoulder back and head up, keep your arms open and if comfortable use hand gestures to tell your stories. Take your time answering questions, really think and listen to the question they are asking.

Learn about charisma. There are many resources online that can give you good tips on how to practice and learn more about charisma. This will help you engage and feel better about your interactions. Some include to smile, remember names, keep positive thoughts and make everyone feel important. 

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