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Do Politicians Need Armed Security?

The U.S. President has an extensive security detail.

This makes sense. Few people would ever question the importance of the Secret Service.

But what about local politicians? Do they need armed security too?

Who Does the Secret Service Protect?

To be eligible for Secret Service agent protection, a politician needs to be of federal interest.

Typically, Secret Service agents offer their services to:

· The President and Vice President of the U.S., plus these individuals’ families

· People in succession to the President and Vice President

· Former Presidents and First Ladies

· Public-facing Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates

· U.S. Representatives working abroad

· Visiting foreign Heads of State

The Secret Service will also protect other people recommended by Presidential Executive Order.

Do Local Politicians Need Armed Security?

We’ve discussed armed protection for federal politicians. Local politicians may benefit from these services too.

Any politician who feels they may be at risk can invest in protective services. Many local and state candidates opt for security services from a private firm.

Even locations often used for high-profile visits (like political speeches) may hire guards who are trained in detecting, preventing, and demobilizing threats. Many local politicians have their own guards in addition to these ones.

Political Benefits of Armed Security Services

Why do so many local politicians hire armed security?

The answer is usually a combination of safety and peace of mind. Agents from private firms offer benefits such as:

  • Security risk assessment

  • Security for political functions and speaking engagements

  • Crowd control

  • Personal protection at home, at work, and during travel

While private security may seem like overkill, partnering with a trusted team can help lower risk and keep politicians out of harm’s way.

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