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Car Trouble? How to Safely Pull Over

Most people have experienced car trouble at one point or another.

Car issues can be very stressful. In addition to fixing the problem, you may need to pull over while driving. You’ll want to make sure to be safe while doing so.

Protecting both your own and others’ safety is critical.

Can I Safely Pull Over on the Highway?

As long as you move your car to the shoulder and keep a safe distance from moving traffic, yes.

Of course, you’ll want to be as informed as possible before pulling over on the highway.

  • First, turn on your hazard lights. This will let people know you’re there.

  • Second, aim to keep a reflective vest or emergency lights in your trunk for this occasion.

The more visible you are when pulled over—on the highway or on a standard road—the safer you’ll be.

Where Should I Pull Over for Optimal Safety?

The right side of the road is almost always safer to pull over on than the left side.

By parking in the right-hand shoulder, you’ll generally have more space to move safely away from traffic. Often, you’ll find a generously-sized paved or flat grassy area where you can park or stand to keep a safe distance from other moving cars.

The left side is more dangerous for several reasons:

  • You are positioning yourself between opposing lanes of traffic.

  • There is generally much less space to pull over.

That said, either shoulder is better than sitting in the highway. Do whatever you can to get yourself—and your vehicle—mindfully out of harm’s way.

How Can I Get Help if I’m Pulled Over?

While other cars may stop and offer to help while you’re pulled over, this isn’t the only option available to you.

If you have a resource like AAA, great—they can likely help you in a reasonable amount of time. They may even offer a free tow or a mobile mechanic as part of your plan.

Private roadside assistance companies, and even the police, are also safe bets. The most important thing here is that you feel safe. If you’re in an area with poor cell service, try to stay calm and wait for someone to help you. A reminder that you never have to accept help if you feel uncomfortable.

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