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Can a Private Investigator Investigate My Spouse?

So you’re worried your spouse is cheating.

We aren’t here to tell you to confront them, or to do your own detective work. We certainly aren’t here to judge.

We are, however, going to offer an answer to a common question.

And the truth is that, yes—some people do hire private investigators to perform infidelity investigations.

Why Conduct an Infidelity Investigation?

Many spouses hire a private investigator for their own peace of mind. Others do so for legal reasons.

In some cases, a spouse may want to confirm their suspicious before starting divorce proceedings.

In other cases, a private investigator may be hired to share evidence that can be used in court.

Depending on the state, adultery may influence the outcome of a divorce. There are times adultery will impact the division of marital assets, or even the resulting custody agreement.

What Do Infidelity Investigations Look Like?

Infidelity investigations may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of months. An investigation with the intent of catching a cheating spouse will generally include:

  • An Initial Discussion

Before the investigator gets to work, they’ll sit down with you to discuss the circumstances leading to your questioning the relationship. The more you share, the more they’ll have to work with.

  • Monitoring

After your consultation, the private investigator will monitor your spouse. They may review their assets, track them when they go out in public, or even search their internet activity.

  • Evidence

On completion of the investigation, the private investigator will share their findings with you. Everything you say will be confidential unless you indicate otherwise.

Private investigators are trained to exercise discretion. They won’t disclose the outcome of your investigation to the general public.

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