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Are You Languishing? What This Means and How to Address It

Today we’re going to talk about a buzzword that may be affecting you.

That’s right: languishing.

If you feel checked out, disengaged, or simply apathetic, you might be languishing. It’s a difficult state of mind—but you can absolutely make changes and get to a better place.

What Is Languishing?

Coined by sociologist Corey Keyes, languishing is often defined as the opposite of flourishing.

It’s important to note that unlike diagnosable mental health conditions, languishing is a series of emotions that take place over a prolonged period of time.

It’s been a hot topic in the news lately, as many of us thought 2021 would immediately go back to the proverbial “normal” so many of us have been referring to for the past year or so.

And here’s the thing: Yes, we’ve made a lot of progress since COVID-19 swept the U.S. in March 2020.

Yes, the vaccine is allowing us to gather with loved ones again, return to work in many cases, and reengage in our communities.

Yet simultaneously, 2021 has shown us that life can’t go back to the way it was before the pandemic with the flick of a switch. We’re still waiting, we’re still dealing with a lingering sense of non-control, and we don’t entirely know what the future will look like.

And so, we languish.

Are You Languishing?

As the New York Times put it, if you’ve been “feeling blah” during the pandemic, then it’s highly likely you’ve been languishing.

It’s only natural, right?

Grappling with death and loss, coping with a state of immense change, and facing serious social justice reform head-on can take a serious emotional toll.

If you’re worn out and dealing with the aftermath of a seemingly upended life, then you’re probably languishing. You may be tired, struggling with brain fog, or experiencing an overwhelming loss of interest in the activities you once enjoyed.

And that’s perfectly okay. Because the first step in dealing with languishing is accepting it.

How to Break Through a State of Languishing

While there’s no proven cure for languishing, there are a number of steps you can take to push past the struggle and adopt a more fulfilling state of mind. These include:

· Taking time off when you can.

Whether this means putting in a PTO request or shunning your email on weekends, taking time off can work wonders for your emotional health.

· Spending time in the outdoors.

When we languish, we may have a hard time letting ourselves enjoy even the simple things in life. Spending time in nature can give us the boost we need.

· Processing your feelings with a professional.

If you’re still having a tough time coping with the stress of the past year, connecting with a therapist can help. Search for professionals in your area for more info.

With these tips, you can assess what you’re feeling and work toward a better state of mind. Languishing is natural, but it’s also fluid—and we’re confident you have everything you need to move past it.

Have questions or insights into languishing? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, or contact us to learn more about what Umbrella Security Services can do for your business.

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