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5 Reasons to Hire Security for Your Next Movie Production

Making a movie is a meaningful, collaborative process—one that involves many moving parts.

And with the renewed film incentive program in Michigan, more and more production crews are heading to the Great Lakes State.

Film crews will enjoy their time here. Michigan is a scenic place. The landscape is stunning, and our people are diverse.

But a production is a production—and chances are that you’ll want to secure your set.

Here are five reasons to hire security for your next production:

1. Control crowds

When people walk by film sets, they tend to hover. Curious onlookers may wonder what’s happening. And while it’s nice to have a buzz around your production, crowds can be distracting. They can also create safety concerns that you’ll want to avoid. This is where security guards come in. They’ll disperse crowds, keep unauthorized people off of your set, and make sure the production stays on schedule.

2. Keep cast members safe

Your actors are the face of your production. Some may have more of a public presence than others—but even a relatively-obscure actor can attract unwanted attention. Besides, everyone deserves to be protected. Security guards can help here too. By working hard to protect your cast and crew on your set, they’ll promote a safe environment. They can even escort cast members to and from set.

3. Protect your assets

Every production looks different. Many films involve expensive equipment, intricate props, and designer costumes. Theft or damage to these key assets can cause real problems. Delays and financial losses are serious setbacks—but security personnel can help prevent them. The right security team will monitor your set and make sure that only the right people have access to valuable items.

4. Secure the perimeter

Some productions are in restricted areas. But not all sets involve a soundstage, and some take place in public places. These productions are especially susceptible to external threats. Security guards can secure the perimeter, monitor the surrounding area for suspicious activity, and bring peace of mind. By doing so, they can also prevent unauthorized recording and protect the production’s intellectual property.

5. Resolve conflict

Movie productions can be stressful—and there’s always a risk of conflict. With dozens if not hundreds of people on set, cast or crew members may butt heads from time to time. And while it’s incredibly rare that things escalate, you still want to keep the situation from getting out of hand. Security personnel will help mediate disputes. In fact, even their presence can deter potential problems.

We’re thrilled to see more movies filmed in Michigan this year. We also want to remind you how essential it is to hire the right security team for your next production. In addition to protecting your crew, cast, and equipment, the right security staff will keep everything smooth on set. Please consider Umbrella while you plan your stay here.

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