Wyoming, MI Security

Umbrella Security Services provides event security, corporate security, uniformed/plain-clothes security and other services for Wyoming, Michigan. Umbrella’s security services can be tailored for events, venues, and businesses and include uniformed/plain-clothed security and armed security. We also have personal investigative services, drones, and other types of services available. We also offer background checks that can be customized for your business for whatever need arises.

Wyoming, MI Event Security

Umbrella offers expert security for your public or private event. Our security services can be deployed for festivals, fashion shows, trade shows, sporting events, concerts, conferences, and more. Depending upon the type of event you are having, the venue, and other mitigating factors, we can recommend the correct number of security personnel. 


One of the reasons that people like working with Umbrella is that we can do access control for events like dances and parties. We can make sure that only invitees are admitted and make sure that everyone is of the legal age if there are age restrictions for your festival. We can also make sure that people are not bringing in alcohol for certain events and make sure that emergency services are also available. 

Wyoming, MI Uniformed/Plain-Clothed Security 


Umbrella Security Services provides plain-clothed and uniformed security services for businesses in the Wyoming, MI area. We help with asset protection, investigations, monitoring, patrols, and searches. We can make sure that visitors are not committing property crimes and have access points to the property correctly restricted. 


There is a major customer service component to our security services. Not only will your property be safe from crimes, but we also make your customers feel safer.

Wyoming, MI Armed Security


Armed security is a major deterrent to property and personal crimes. Our armed security personnel are extensively trained, must pass a federal background check, and are certified to respond to virtually any type of security incident. Our armed security personnel are trained on de-escalation and defensive tactics. Additionally, they have received training in firearms and restraints. We recommend armed security for properties that have certain types of valuable property, events that are high profile, and if the building or venue is located in an area with a higher level of crime. 

Executive Security in Wyoming, Michigan


Some organizations prefer to extend professional security to certain individuals, such as a CEO. This executive security service is also available for events with high-profile figures. Our executive security service can secure your high-level individual in-office protection, security at home, protection on the road, public security, covert protection and surveillance, and emergency protection services. We also offer secure vehicles and professional drivers for your high profile figure. 

Why Hire a Security Company in Wyoming, Michigan

Wyoming, MI is pretty safe overall. Being one of the better cities in Michigan, there are roughly 14.87 property crimes per 1,000 people. In Wyoming, MI, you will benefit from having security for your business, event, or your executive. We will help mitigate security concerns and add value to your business.