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Uniformed & Plain Clothed Security

Customized security solutions for your needs.

At Umbrella Security Services, we understand that a single site doesn't necessarily require one form of security. That's why we're proud to offer both uniformed security and plain-clothed security to our clients. We deploy both types of security experts to venues, businesses, and high-value assets on behalf of our clients every day. Our team is here to help maximize your security efforts by creating a strategy for getting as many "eyes on the crowd" in responsive, resourceful capacities as possible.


Our plain-clothed security officers are positioned in retail locations, sporting events, concerts, public gatherings, and other events where the public gathers. Skilled at blending in with the crowd while conducting surveillance, our plain-clothed guards can help your enterprise with:

  • Loss prevention.

  • Internal investigations.

  • Observation and monitoring.

  • Crowd control.

  • Undercover operations.

  • Access control.

  • Patrolling.

  • Bag searches.

  • Metal detection.


In many cases, our plain-clothed guards work as part of a larger unit that includes uniformed security guards. They can relay information from "within the crowd" inconspicuously.

Delivering a reassuring presence, our uniformed security guards can serve as highly visible "gatekeepers" at entry points, exit points, guard stations, and more. They can also manually patrol a site on foot or in a patrol vehicle. The presence of uniformed guards can serve as a very profound deterrent for criminal activity in retail settings and public venues. Additionally, both staff and customers enjoy peace of mind when uniformed guards are present. In public space or office setting, a security guard acts as a valuable resource for times when people feel compelled to report suspicious activity.


In many cases, this potentially valuable information goes unreported simply because workers, customers, or members of the public don't know where to go to report what they've observed.

Don't let lax security lead to a serious incident. Contact us for a security consultation today.

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