Portland, MI Security

Are you planning on having an event in Portland? Maybe you are a business owner that needs a little bit of help securing a property. Umbrella Security Services provides virtually any type of security service that you need if you are based out of Portland. We provide event security, corporate security, uniformed/undercover security, and armed security. We can tailor our security for events, evenues, businesses, and even individuals. We have additional services such as investigative services, drones, background checks, and more.

Portland Event Security

Umbrella will contract our expert security services for your public or private events. We can help you with festivals, fashion shows, trade shows, sporting events, conferences, concerts, and even private parties. Depending upon the type of event you are having, we can recommend the type of security and number of security personnel.

If you are having a private or public event where certain age restrictions exist, access control is an important part of our security service.


We can check guests and attendees for their credentials to make sure that everyone is of age. Access control allows us to limit liabilities at your event by keeping people from bringing in alcohol and other items in their personal bags.

Portland, MI Uniformed/Plain-Clothed Security

Plain-clothed and uniformed security are a great way to protect your business assets. Umbrella Security Services will help with asset protection, investigations, monitoring, patrols, searches, and more. We can make sure that your employees are not committing any type of crime, as well as visitors. In addition to reducing property crimes, we can also provide access point restriction.


Portland, MI Armed Security

Armed security is one of the higher-level services that Umbrella Security Services provides. Our armed security personnel are trained, required to pass a federal background check, and can respond to virtually any type of security incident. Our team is skilled at de-escalation and defensive tactics. They are also trained in the latest restraint and firearms techniques. Our armed security service is highly recommended for high profile events and anything involving valuable property.

Executive Security in Portland, Michigan

Some organizations and high-profile individuals wish to hire specialized security. Umbrella Security Services provides executive security services that entails security at the home, in-office protection, covert protection and surveillance, and transportation services. This type of security works well for high-profile members of your company, like CEOs. If there are members of your company with access to trade secrets or have political influence, it might also be beneficial to consider executive security for them. Our executive security service is also developed for people who are VIPs and you might want to arrange this service for some events as well.

Why Hire a Security Company in Portland, Michigan

You might want to consider Umbrella Security Servicse if your company is located in Portland, MI. While some areas of Portland are extremely safe, the odds of incurring property crime and other types of crime is 1 out of 41. Umbrella can help make your business safer. We can also secure your next event so that your guests can enjoy themselves.