Security in Kent City, MI

Umbrella Security Services is a company located in Kent City, Michigan. We provide high-quality security for events, uniformed/plain-clothed security, and armed security. Additionally, we also provide services like drones, private investigation, and background screening. Let's take a look at the different types of security that we offer and how these can benefit your event or business.

Event Security In Kent City

Generally speaking, you should consider some sort of event security if you are going to have an event at a venue or in public. Examples of some types of different events that require security include festivals, fashion shows, expos and trade shows, sporting events, concerts, expos and conferences, and private parties. A general question that many event planners have concerns the number of guards that they should hire. Generally speaking, the answer to that question will often depend upon the venue. There are different types of services that we provide as part of our event security service:

  • Access control allows you to have a safe event with us checking the credentials of all guests. This is particularly useful for events where alcohol is served and for private events.

  • We can also check people's belongings as they enter the premises.

  • We also provide emergency response services as part of our event security services.

Kent City Uniformed and Plain-Clothed Security

Our team helps businesses, venues, and events with plain-clothed and uniformed security. This service offers several different benefits, including loss prevention, internal investigations, observation and monitoring, crowd control, patrols, and searches. If you are a small business owner, this service may be of particular interest to you for the following reasons:

  • You want to make sure that visitors to your local business are not contributing to theft or other issues.

  • You have a premises that you want patrolled on a regular basis.

  • You want to control access to certain points of your property.

In addition to deterring crimes like theft and vandalism, security guards can have several other benefits. Sometimes customers might feel safer just by the presence of a uniformed security guard. Security guards can also help with customer service, such as watching over a business parking lot at night. They also can handle any issue that arises very quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, it can be at least 20 minutes before a municipal police force can respond, so it's very important to have security on hand.

Kent City Armed Security

Armed security is often the best deterrent to crime. We can detect, deter, and stop threats before they become an issue. All of our armed security guards have extensive firearms training. They also must pass a federal background check before working for any of our customers. Our guards are explicitly trained to respond to every type of possible situation. Lastly, any armed guard is current on descalation and defensive tactics and are proficiently trained in the safe use of firearms and restraints.


There are generally two things to think about when deciding whether or not you need armed security:

  1. Are there valuable items at the facility or venue you are trying to secure?

  2. What is the crime level of the area?

Executive Security in Kent City

Sometimes, you have high-level members in your organization that might need some customized, discreet, and professional attention. Some of the services that we offer for executives include in-office protection, security at residences, travel protection, public event security, covert protection, surveillance, emergency protection services for immediate threats, and evacuation.


We even provide transportation in the form of secure vehicles and drivers for our executive security services. A security service for executives will make sure that high-level members of your organization are safe.

Other Types of Security Services That We Provide For Greater Kent City

Umbrella also provides other security services, such as investigations, background checks, and drones. Let's take a look at some of the other services that we offer. These services do not necessarily require security guards,but they are a good fit for protecting your business and your interests.

Private Investigation

We can provide you with scene investigators to find out more about a security incident after it's happened. We have a private investigative service for those who want to investigate an individual. Our claims investigators can also act if you believe that someone is taking advantage of a claim. This could be particularly beneficial to insurance companies or businesses.

Background Checks

This service is perfect for employers, landlords, and for private individuals. Make sure that someone is safe and financially secure before you hire them. Additionally, our background checks can be tailored for your specific niche business needs.


Drones are one of our more unique security services. They are often used in tandem with some of our core security services. Drones can be used at events and can even help secure a physical property without the presence of a security guard.

Why Hire a Security Company in Kent City

Generally speaking, Kent City is a very safe city. Kent City tends to have a crime rate that is higher than 87% of American cities. Also, the likelihood of a violent crime or property crime in Kent City is 1 in 39. Having a professional security firm like Umbrella Security Services can help your business, events, and property be safer.

Security may seem like an expensive investment, but ultimately, security protects your business. The presence of security in your business can be a great customer service tool, and at the end of the day, security is one of the best investments for your business.