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SafeSay™ is a safe, secure and discrete way for your employees to report suspicions activity, fraud, theft, sexual harassment, physical/mental abuse, misconduct, substance abuse, property damage and the list continues.


Use this service to take back control of shrink within your business, stay ahead of potential lawsuits, and boost staff moral by displaying proactive measures to protect the organization and the employees.

Companies that use our services see a reduction in employee turnover and saving thousands of dollars in training and hiring expenses. This is a result by management teams taking a proactive role in reducing and removing abusive personnel from within the organization. Allowing for the cultivation of a supportive and uplifting work culture.

SafeSay™ in conjunction with a company whistleblower policy will show Federal and State regulators that your organization takes active and positive steps towards protecting potential whistleblower. While at the same time, allowing your management team to stay ahead of problems identified by internal whistleblower before they report problems to regulatory agencies.

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