Private Party Security Grand Rapids

When you’re hosting a private party, whether a birthday party or a wedding reception, you probably don’t think about much security, but the safety of your guests should be your number one priority. Other elements of planning a party, such as catering, decoration, and entertainment, can be taken for granted, but safety and security concerns should not be overlooked. Hiring a private security service for a private party will protect you from both external and internal problems.


There are some very good reasons to hire event security for your private party. 

Handling Crime

A large crowd at a party is a great place for a criminal to blend in and carry out crimes like stealing handbags that have been left unattended by guests or vandalizing an event space. Would-be criminals may think that a party is good cover, as it’s likely that other guests and venue staff won’t notice right away. Having event security means someone will notice and can act as a deterrent. This is especially important if people will be leaving their belongings unattended to go and dance, or at weddings where you might have gifts and cash on a gift table. 


If anything does go wrong, a guard can apprehend a suspect until the police arrive, and you won’t have to worry about more problems occurring while you wait for help to arrive.

Preventing Crime

People will be a lot less likely to be tempted to commit a petty crime if they can see that security guards are present, as they will be afraid of getting caught. Security guards are trained professionals, who are sometimes armed, who are trained and ready to protect individuals and venues. A party with visible security is less likely to be targeted for crime.

Guarding The Parking Lot

A large part will likely have a parking lot that needs to be monitored. At the beginning and end of your private party, your private security team can make sure that attendees are parking in the correct designated areas. 


You can spend more time welcoming your guests, instead of worrying about whether everyone will find somewhere to park and not end up with a sea of parking tickets as people leave. 


While your party is underway, having security guards can deter criminals from being tempted to break into guests’ cars or vandalize them. If it does happen, the guards can work with local law enforcement to apprehend any suspects. 


If a car alarm goes off during the party, your security guard can respond to it, saving you from having to handle it. The guard can then decide if they need to find the car’s owner or leave the guests undisturbed. If you have a party at a venue with a large parking lot, the guards can also patrol the grounds. 

Monitor Everyone Who Comes In

At a large party, it can be hard to keep track of everyone who is coming and going, especially if everyone on your guest list is arriving at once. 


Your security guards can manage your guest list, and save you from having to take on the potentially awkward task of asking people who were not invited to leave. Guards can also keep an eye on the registration line if you have one, and prevent people from cutting in line to get in faster. 


If you’re concerned about safety, security guards can search the bags of people as they arrive, to give your peace of mind. 

Controlling The Crowd

A large party can soon become chaotic if you don’t have any security, especially if you are serving alcohol. Uncontrolled crowds can also lead to an increased likelihood of things turning violent especially if people become drunk and argumentative. Security guards are trained to diffuse situations like this before they turn violent and can eject any from the party who is too drunk to behave. 


If an emergency does occur, such as a fire alarm sounding, and everyone needs to evacuate in a hurry, an uncontrolled crowd will only make matters worse. Security staff can monitor the entrances and exits, and get an organized plan in place to get everyone out of the building safely and quickly. 


If you’re hosting a ticketed party, you might also need security guards in place to make sure your guests get the exclusive experience that they have paid for. Security guards can ask people to move along if they are blocking entrances or exits. They can also make sure that guests don’t wander into VIP or staff-only areas of the party. 

Meet Venue Requirements

Depending on the venue that you have chosen, you might be required to hire event security staff as part of the hire agreement. 


If you do need to do this, you can hire a security team that will meet the requirements of the venue, and give your venue the confidence that there will be no criminal problems that occur while they are renting your space to you. This can help you to secure a booking, and make sure you get back any deposits that rely on the venue being left in a good condition after the party.

Professional Training

If you have civilian staff working the door at your event, no matter how hard you work, they might not have the right knowledge or confidence to handle an emergency situation in an effective way. Trained security guards know exactly what to do, and what they should be looking for. 


Professional security are trained in fire safety, emergency preparedness, drug awareness, and first aid. They know how to observe hazards and resolve conflicts. They can monitor your party and make sure your event can run as smoothly as possible.

Umbrella Security Services offer security for private parties, offering a range of services to keep you and your guests safe. Services include:

  • Access control to ensure the safety of the event by checking the credentials and identity of guests as they arrive. 

  • Security checks, including scanning people’s belongings as they enter the party.

  • Emergency response, if needed.

To discuss your security needs, call Umbrella Security Services on 1-800-934-5063 for a free consultation.