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Private Investigator

Private Investigation and Litigation Support

If you need eyes and ears in the places you can't go, bring in the highly trained, experienced private investigators from Umbrella Security to conduct surveillance and investigations on your behalf. Our highly confidential investigators approach each case with professionalism and integrity. Choose from the following areas of expertise to help you gather information:


Scene Investigators: Our trained investigators conduct comprehensive investigations out on the scene of an incident. During an investigation, they provide physical documentation regarding the setting of the incident. In addition, they will talk to witnesses or relevant parties during the fact-finding process. They will also pursue and document any mitigating factors that are pertinent to an incident.

Claim Investigators: Trained to discreetly locate and track individuals, our investigators can provide physical and visual documentation of the actions and whereabouts of claim recipients. During an investigation, our investigators can confirm if individuals are following medical restrictions involved in a claims case.

Personal Investigators: Our investigators can use tracking tactics to provide proof of the whereabouts of individuals for personal or professional reasons. In some cases, this might be a significant other who is behaving suspiciously. Corporations often use our services to investigate the activities of executives or board members for the sake of upholding contracts or protecting the integrity of an organization.


The trained team at Umbrella Security goes where you can't go to provide the answers you need. In addition to providing impeccable surveillance, we deliver clear, concrete documentation regarding our findings.


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