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Why is Event Security More Important Now Than Ever Before?

Event security has a long history as a vital safety feature used by a multitude of companies who hold any sort of public event. It keeps an event orderly, well maintained and managed, and eliminates the risk of threat. It also works as an effective deterrent to those who would cause trouble or harm to your patrons.

However, in light of recent events, like the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an even bigger importance behind event security. This involves keeping the public safe and enlisting the help of professionals to keep your company's reputation in excellent condition. Event security can help eliminate the vulnerability aspect brought about by the pandemic and our veteran staff use their skills to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

If you have been an event organizer for long, you have no doubt been struck with the overwhelming feeling of being inundated with a mass of people at an event, which has, for the past year, been illegal. As the world opens up once again, not only is there still the risk of a security breach, but there are added worries relating to public health and keeping people at a safe distance and within legal compliance. Some of the events that high level security companies can help with are:

  • Festivals

  • Fashion shows

  • Expos and trade shows

  • Sporting events

  • Concerts

  • Educational conferences

  • Private parties

  • Weddings

  • Graduations

Protection of your clientele when it matters most

Event security management will be able to keep your clientele safe at any event over the summer months and beyond. Mass event security services will maintain the personal safety of thousands of participants and ensure maximum enjoyment: from scanning the event area, checking those entering the event area to handling the various alerts - to make sure everything is running properly. Security officers with comprehensive training and relevant certificates and licenses will perform the work in a friendly and professional manner.

Event security also involves understanding and extensive experience when reviewing the event area, formulating a security plan and utilizing proper security measures. In 2021, following a world pandemic, we are expecting to see a surge of people gathering at events. In fact, most events will likely be booked to capacity, where in previous years perhaps they weren’t. For this rain, ensuring that the right skilled team members are working on the job is going to be paramount. The importance and overall need of event security has never been greater; therefore, having trained security personnel can greatly assist in controlling and maintaining the quality and safety of the event from beginning to end.

Keep Covid-19 risks to a minimum

With orderly plans, our professional event security team will be able to work with you to create orderly queues, a quick and efficient system for entering and exiting, as well as any further checks that you (or local regulations) may require; such as temperature checking, or Covid test checking. Event security will allow you to monitor the numbers closely as well as keep track of those entering and exiting, and keep people moving in the right directions to avoid overcrowding. Chaos is bound to ensue if you do not employ skilled workers who adhere to well laid plans.

Threats and danger can be better managed

In the unlikely event of a terror threat or any other deviation from the norm, emergency plans will be in place from the outset; giving each worker an awareness of emergency exits and the way in which they plan to remove people from the affected area. In 2021, the risk of terror threats has increased exponentially. Fire still poses a significant threat, especially in the depths of the dry summer; therefore it is important to consider every risk to your event and how you want to handle such catastrophes, if they should occur. Maintaining the safety of your patrons and event site is key, and a good security company would be able to manage all potential threats professionally and efficiently.

A well formed plan for adequate protection in 2021

If you weren’t aware before this article, the need for better event security in our ever-changing world is growing by leaps and bounds. When you team up with a professional event security company, pulling off a safe and secure event has never been easier. Preparing the logistical infrastructure includes everything down to the smallest detail, such as:

  • The preparation of a comprehensive security plan.

  • Coordination with each and every necessary authority.

  • Adjusting the number of security guards according to the nature of the event, its size and sensitivity, such as a highly publicized political event or multi-participant conference.

  • Dedication and full commitment to the customer is vital because communication is important during today’s world.

  • On the spot prioritization of critical events.

  • If someone should take ill during an event, or if there is a security breach, communication is vital.

Good event security will maximize the professional capabilities of the security guards and their superiors in the field. The use of security cameras, for example, becomes routine and through it a vital systemic vision of the event and improved ability to solve problems in a short period of time is achieved. During Covid-19, you may want to ensure that people are socially distant where possible and are wearing proper face coverings (where required), at all times. This is important to ensure public health is maintained. Excellent communication, state of the art technology and trained professionals are so important in today's world.

For more information on how to keep your event safe and secure, please refer to our website - and ensure that you have the adequate protection for 2021 and beyond.

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