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Why Invest in a Video Doorbell?

Smart doorbells bring a number of benefits.

They let you answer the door right from your device.

Additionally, you can use them to record video, play audio, and receive notifications the moment someone steps onto your property.

So are they worth the investment? We certainly think so. Continue reading for insights into the power of the video doorbell.

Security Advantages

It may seem obvious, but security is the most important reason to install a video doorbell. Being able to see and speak to the person on your stoop before giving them access to your home can make all the difference in protecting your household.

Plus, if ever something seems off outside, you can easily record and monitor the situation without putting yourself at risk.

A really appealing bonus is that a visible smart doorbell might even deter intruders!

And while we’d never encourage spying on your loved ones, you can—within reason—use your video doorbell to make sure your kids and spouse get home safely. All it takes is the press of a button.

Keep Watch Over the Whole Neighborhood

Meet your 21st-century Neighborhood Watch solution!

Video doorbells’ recording capabilities mean you can retrieve footage not only of your own property, but of your entire block (depending on where you live and the camera positioning, of course).

In the event of a crime, law enforcement may retrieve video doorbell footage from several homeowners to help put the pieces together. Get the whole neighborhood onboard for even better security.

No More Missed Packages

Say goodbye to package theft—and to missed deliveries.

With a smart doorbell, you’ll receive a notification as soon as the delivery service drops off your shipment.

If you can’t make it to the door right away, no problem. You can talk to the professional via your smart doorbell, right from your device, and request that they leave your package somewhere safe.

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