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Why Hire a Private Investigator? Reasons to Consider Working with a PI

Many of us are familiar with the private investigator (PI) trope we see on TV.

Typically, onscreen, someone will go missing—or something in the hiring party’s personal life won’t add up (no matter how much they try to connect the dots). And so a PI, young and attractive and dressed in business casual attire, will appear to solve the mystery.

And they’ll do just that in the span of 30 minutes—an hour tops.

While this isn’t entirely inaccurate, private investigators are prevalent in real life. And they won’t always reflect the stereotypes you see on your favorite show.

PIs may be hired to investigate the following cases:

· Personal Injury

Worker’s compensation claims are costly. They can harm a business’s reputation and lead to corporate instability.

A private investigator can help to solve these cases quickly—by verifying the details surrounding the employee’s injury. This will help to ensure your staff follow the law, and that they aren’t fabricating claims.

· Identity Theft

No doubt identity theft is unnerving. It can also take up precious time and be costly to resolve.

So if you think someone has stolen your identity, why not commission a PI? This will allow you to pinpoint the perpetrator quickly and file a report, pursuing criminal charges if you so choose.

· Missing Persons

Missing persons cases are complex. The missing person in question may be the victim of a crime, on the lam, or even looking to evade debt collection officers.

This is where a PI may come in. Many law enforcement departments have limited time and resources, and a private investigator can help to fill the gaps.

· Surveillance

It can be unsettling to assume your partner is unfaithful, or that one of your staff is committing workplace fraud. Hiring a PI, however, can help put these suspicions to rest.

All it takes is hiring an expert to discretely monitor the suspects.

Have questions about Umbrella Security Services—or perhaps about the benefits of hiring a private investigator? Please contact us for more information on our PI services.

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