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Where Should You Definitely Still Wear a Mask?

Local mask mandates are expiring.

The pandemic is waning, with omicron variant cases down significantly from the last time we wrote about them.

So what’s the verdict on masking up?

The Modern Mask Landscape

Whether you need to wear a mask depends on where you live. Barring official requirements, whether you should wear a mask is up to you.

That said, you don’t necessarily want to get rid of your mask supply just yet.

Why’s that? Well, according to the CDC, your chances of catching COVID-19 are much lower if you continue masking up—especially in public indoor settings.

Places You Should Continue to Wear a Mask

Here are some of the places (and situations) where you’ll want to continue masking up:

  • In schools

Not all schools require face coverings, but those that do have those rules in place for a reason. Of course, there’s a little more flexibility for older students who are fully vaccinated and boosted. But that isn’t the case for everyone, and it’s important to respect that.

  • On planes, buses, and trains

Airports, planes, and essentially all public transit still have mask requirements in place—and with good reason. In crowded, confined areas where strangers come together from all over, traveling in a relatively small space, masks can go a long way in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

  • At large public events

Attending a concert, graduation, or convention? Masking up may be the best decision for your and others’ health. If social distancing isn’t possible, and you’re packed like sardines with hundreds if not thousands of people you may not know, opt for the face covering.

Of course, wearing a mask is a personal choice. And if you’re no longer required to wear one in your city, you’re well within your right at this point to go mask-free. Whatever you decide, we wish you a happy and healthy year to come.

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