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When Should You Hire Temporary Security Guards?

Security is an essential priority. This means that businesses need to be prepared for events that compromise people’s safety.

This is where temporary security guards may come in. These guards can be hired on a short-term basis—typically for a few weeks or months. Some may be hired for just a day or two.

Businesses generally base their decision to hire short-term security guards on several factors. These generally include the level of risk involved, the nature of the business, and the size of the organization.

Here are some scenarios where companies may hire temporary security:

Special events

Conference, festivals, and sporting events attract huge crowds. It makes sense, in this way, that companies may choose to invest in temporary security. Short-term security guards can help manage large groups of people, monitor the premises, and mitigate potential threats.

Hiring temporary security guards can also help prevent gate-crashing, piggy-backing, and theft.

Seasonal increases

You may have seen chaos from what’s known as a seasonal increase. Common in retail, hospitality, and other industries, seasonal increases are especially busy times that lead to higher security concerns. Department stores, for example, experience a huge influx of customers around the holidays.

We all know what Black Friday does to a person. Temporary security guards can help keep everyone safe.

Construction sites

Theft, vandalism, and other security threats plague certain construction zones. Temporary security guards can help prevent these incidents and provide a safer working environment. Security guards can also make sure that only authorized personnel access the site.

Bonus: temporary security guards will monitor the movement of expensive construction equipment.

Labor disputes

Have you ever seen businesses strike or picket? This can create a potentially volatile situation. In these cases, hiring a temporary security guard will help keep the organization’s employees and customers safe. These trained personnel can also protect your property from unauthorized access and vandalism.

Security guards are truly essential in these cases. They’ll monitor the perimeter of your site and respond to any incidents that may arise.

Loss prevention

Businesses can suffer serious losses due to theft and fraud. Short-term security staff can prevent stealing, monitor inventory, and protect your business assets. These security guards can also help investigate incidents of loss when they do come up. They’ll even provide evidence in the case of legal action.

While temporary security guards are effective, full-time security may be preferable in some scenarios.

In closing, hiring temporary security guards can offer a range of benefits. While the mere presence of security personnel can keep people safe, the benefits go far beyond that. Trained guards are prepared to respond to all sorts of emergency situations, and they’ll call 911 quickly if needed.

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