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What Will the Security Industry Look Like Post-COVID-19?

There’s no question the novel coronavirus pandemic has caused a major economic slowdown.

The security industry has been hard-hit—but this essential sector isn’t going anywhere.

Now, that isn’t to say security services won’t look different moving forward. Consumers can expect a number of changes post-COVID-19. Among them are the following:

· Fewer Personnel Deployed to Events

Event security won’t disappear entirely. For the time being, though, venues are shutting their doors to implement new protocols (per the recommendations of the CDC and the WHO).

Large venues in particular are significantly limiting their capacity, and festivals, sporting events, and other gatherings have been rescheduled.

And so in the future, there will generally be fewer personnel deployed to events—because the events themselves will be smaller. However, this could also mean we’ll experience a spike in demand once it’s safe for people to get back out there en masse.

· Focus on Contactless Tech

Contactless technologies like remote access and authentication, along with biometrics, have already increased in popularity. They’re slated to become even more prevalent in the near future.

Why’s that? These solutions can easily be automated and allow for social distancing—traits that make them well worth investing in, in our view.

This makes their presence post-pandemic a win-win, right?

We certainly think so.

· Increased Digitalization

Since there’s no telling when things will reopen in full, chances are we can expect an increase in digitalized services even after the crisis peters out.

In terms of our industry, consumers can anticipate increased cloud-connected access to security systems and remote monitoring tools, paired with fewer in-person guards. And these are just some of our projections as we begin to define our new normal.

In the meantime, if you have questions of your own, the Umbrella Security Services team is here to help. Please contact us or leave a comment below to discuss how the global health crisis is changing the world.

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