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What Will Live Music Look Like Post-Pandemic?

Venues are shuttering.

Festivals have been canceled nationwide.

Virtual and drive-in concerts are now the norm—a substitute for postponed tours.

Yet the desire to experience live music persists. Michael Rapino, CEO of events promotion company Live Nation, says that 86% of ticketholders are safeguarding their stubs for later—even when given the option for a refund.

But what will live music look like when it’s finally safe for the masses to gather?

Here are several changes we can expect:

· Ongoing Streaming Options

Digital transformation has been prevalent these past seven months. It makes sense, then, that during the pandemic thus far, livestreamed shows have skyrocketed in popularity.

Chances are that artists will continue to offer fans streaming options post-COVID-19—perhaps priced at a lower tier than in-person concerts. Whether you’re itching for an at-home session or a livestreamed show, you’ll likely have options at your disposal.

· Limited-Capacity Shows

Until a coronavirus vaccine is approved and widely-distributed, we can only anticipate that live music will trickle back gradually. This will likely begin with masked, socially-distanced, limited-capacity shows.

Security teams will be hypervigilant about keeping concertgoers safe, as fans await a slow but steady return to normal. There will be less mingling in person for a time, and a weariness of strangers until we officially put the pandemic behind us.

· Industry-Wide Resilience

The bipartisan $10 billion “Save Our Stages” Act is currently moving through Congress, with the goal of offering six months of financial support for independent venues nationwide.

In the meantime, artists are exploring alternative methods of connecting with fans, engaging with them on social and teasing new music. Fans are still streaming songs and shows, despite the added stressors they might be facing.

And so we’ll push through. Experts predict a resurgence of live shows in the fall next year, and we personally cannot wait.

Have questions about the future of live events in 2021 and beyond? Please contact us for more information.

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