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Under What Circumstances Should You Hire a Private Investigator?

Private investigators (PIs) can help their clients source important information. Whether you hope to pinpoint infidelity or locate a missing person, there are a number of reasons to hire a PI.

This piece will explore some of the main ones.

What Can Private Investigators Do?

There’s a bit of a TV trope surrounding private investigators: Onscreen, they may wear uniforms, carry a badge, or even arrest people.

The reality looks a little different. While private investigators can uncover information that may lead to an arrest, for instance, they can’t actually arrest people.

Similarly, they can’t trespass on private property, carry a badge, or impersonate law enforcement.

What a PI can do? Private investigators can gather records, complete surveillance in public (or authorized) places, and monitor a person’s movements. Basically, they can take a legal approach to finding the information they need to serve their clients.

When Should You Hire a PI?

So, under what circumstances do people hire a private investigator?

Here are some of the most common reasons someone might look into commissioning a PI:

· Suspected infidelity

From suspicious purchases, to scheduling secrecy and outright lies, people who fear their spouse is unfaithful may choose to hire a PI.

· Hidden assets

Like it or not, some people hide a portion of their assets leading up to a divorce—or for other reasons. A PI can help navigate this.

· Perceived fraud

Are you concerned that someone has stolen your personal details or small business finances? Prevent fraud by working with an investigator.

Other potential reasons include child custody, background investigations, and counter-surveillance. We’ll touch on these in a future article.

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