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The Purpose of Campus Security

College campuses should be safe havens for students, faculty, and visitors. This makes protecting them essential.

Often, campus security is an ideal place to start.

What Is Campus Security?

Campus security is a specific department associated with the campus. Outsourced or hired full-time, these security guards are trained in protecting students, faculty, and anyone else on campus.

They’ll communicate with university officials about potential threats, make sure people feel safe, and communicate with the police when needed.

Now, campus security may feature a police officer or two. There are some key distinctions, however, between campus security and your local authorities. While the police may patrol parts of campus, they’re also responsible for the surrounding area—covering more ground than the institution in question.

Campus security focus exclusively on the campus in question. These staff make the university their top priority.

The Importance of Campus Security

The reasons to hire campus security are manifold. They include:

  • Violence prevention

Most campus theft and assault incidents take place overnight. Having security guards patrol the campus can serve as a deterrent for criminals.

  • Family reassurance

Most parents urge their kids to choose schools that are reputable, community-oriented, and safe. Campus security services will bring families peace of mind.

  • Conflict resolution

If a safety issue does come up, campus security can help resolve the conflict. This will lower the risk of things escalating, and protect both the people involved and the general public.

Again, campus security work closely with law enforcement when needed. Together, the two parties can solve problems swiftly and increase security for everyone involved.

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