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The Future of Indoor Dining

Will restaurants survive the COVID-19 pandemic?

As Michigan eateries face a winter of uncertainty—with recent indoor dining closures across the state—residents have begun to worry about their favorite establishments.

This begs the question of whether restaurants will survive the winter. Here are some factors to consider.

· When indoor dining returns, safety measures will be strictly enforced.

Staff will have to go the extra mile in keeping up with the latest safety measures when restaurants reopen this winter. From installing plexiglass barriers to making sure tables are strategically positioned six feet apart, adhering to state and CDC protocols will be paramount.

To protect the places we love, capacity restrictions and face-covering requirements will be equally vital. No exceptions.

· To mitigate new coronavirus cases, patrons will have to be extra-cautious.

This means staying home if you feel even the least bit ill, and keeping nights out with people from outside your household to a minimum when restaurants reopen.

By reducing your chances of spreading COVID-19 at a bar or restaurant, you can do your part in helping to slow the spread—and in keeping your favorite places open. (Takeout and delivery options are always an option in the interim.)

· In the meantime, many restaurants will be forced to pivot.

So you weren’t fast-casual before the pandemic? You are now!

Many restaurants, as they navigate their new normal, are shifting their business models in order to survive. Some once-formal dining establishments have embraced fast-casual carryout environments, while others have begun selling some of their inventory as groceries.

These measures are by no means surefire. But by being adaptable—and with loan forgiveness and government assistance programs in sight—hopefully our favorite restaurants can survive.

What are your thoughts on the future of restaurant dining? Please share them in the comments below—or contact us to talk privacy and security by scheduling your free Umbrella Security Services consultation.

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