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Steps to Take After a Company Data Breach

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a serious spike in data breaches.

Now more than ever, it’s essential for companies to stay on top of any potential breaches and communicate with their customers.

Why is this? It’s simple: Companies that fall victim to a breach are responsible for making all involved parties aware of the situation, including any corresponding risks.

With that, here are some steps to take in the event of a company data breach:

  • Reach out to customers and team members.

Companies grappling with a data breach should reach out to their clients and staff immediately. The severity of the incident should be communicated in full, along with a list of next steps and best practices. This is an uncomfortable situation, but it’s important to be as transparent as possible.

  • Encourage password changes.

Data breaches make everyone vulnerable. All parties should change their password as soon as the breach takes place. Since most breaches are mass data breaches—or incidents where hackers access hundreds or thousands of accounts simultaneously—making sure everyone changes their login data is key.

  • Back up files from your company’s servers.

If possible, download and back up all digital files on your servers. This will keep your and customers’ data from being corrupted, erased, or held for ransom in a breach. While the best way to address a breach is to prevent it from occurring in the first place, quick backups can mitigate the consequences.

Companies should evaluate their cybersecurity solutions on an annual basis to protect their data. The landscape is always changing, and customers appreciate providers who prioritize their digital security.

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