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Should You Invest in Workplace Active Shooter Training?

Self-protection and safety awareness are essential in any setting.

Whether you work in a school, a healthcare center, or in the corporate sector, it’s important to be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

Workplace active shooter training can help. By facilitating annual trainings, you can make sure your people understand what to look for—and how to react—in an active shooter incident.

A full training session will give you the specifics. For the time being, consider the following responses:

  • Run

In an active shooter situation, leaving the area should be your main goal. Ditch your things and run. If you determine it’s safe to do so, tell others around you what is going on. Encourage them to run too. Call the authorities once you’re in a safe spot, and describe the incident to the best of your recollection.

  • Hide

If there is no clear safe escape, you’ll want to hide. Lock and barricade any doors, close the blinds, and turn off the lights. Keep quiet. Aim to find a spot out of the shooter’s view, and communicate with the authorities via text if possible. Silence your devices, and keep still until law enforcement arrives.

  • Fight

If you can’t run or hide, your last resort is to fight back. Be as aggressive as possible when confronting an active shooter. You may even act alongside colleagues or other members of the public to disarm the assailant. Craft makeshift weapons, distract the shooter, and protect yourself by any means possible.

Workplace active shooter training will almost certainly increase team morale and help protect your organization. For more information, visit the FBI’s Active Shooter Resources page.

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