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Security Alert! Don’t Overshare Your Trip Itinerary on Social Media

Here’s a security tip far too many of us overlook.

Don’t share your private travel information on social media.

It’s a balancing act, of course. But this post will let you in on some social media best practices for traveling without compromising your safety.

Don’t Reveal Your Trip Dates

Heading out of town?

You may be excited to share your trip plans with your circle—and that’s all well and good.

Just make sure your circle isn’t too big. If you have thousands of followers on Instagram, remember that most of these people don’t need to know where you’re going (or when). You don’t want to let everyone know the dates you’ll be in Greece, Montana, or Mexico.

Why not? The answer is twofold.

First, you don’t want people to be able to find you (without permission) when you’re on a private vacation.

Second, home addresses are generally public record. You definitely don’t want to let the whole world your empty house is free to be cased while you’re away!

TL;DR: Plan to keep your trip dates and specific locations private.

Check Your Account Privacy

Whether you prefer Facebook or TikTok, Instagram or another social media platform, you’ll also want to check your account privacy while you’re out of town.

Make sure your vacation posts are set to private, or at least reserved for an audience you approve of.

That said, if you do want to share a real-time breakdown of your trip, consider setting your whole account to private.

Reveal as much as you like about your trip, but not so much that you, your home, or your belongings could be targeted.

Post After the Fact

Who’s to say you can’t share photos of your trip after you return from vacation?

Not everything needs to happen in real time.

In fact, if you wait to post, you can spend your time away in the moment—and keep dangerous or overeager people from knowing exactly where and when you’ll be.

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