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Rideshare Safety Tips for Passengers

Millions of Americans use rideshare apps each year.

In 2022, approximately 25% of the entire U.S. population reported using rideshare services at least once a month. Not only that, but the rideshare market value is expected to reach about $220 billion by 2025—up from $61 billion today.

Safety, of course, is paramount. And while rideshare services are generally safe, there are extra measures passengers can take to protect themselves.

Rideshare Safety Tips

Uber and Lyft are convenient, popular, and a seamless way to reach your destination. They’re relatively cost-effective, and they’re a solid option when you’re unable to drive (or when you simply don’t want to).

Now, these companies have safety guidelines in place just like their traditional taxi counterparts. It’s still good, however, to observe the following safety strategies:

  • Wait for your driver indoors.

Avoid spending more time than necessary outside alone holding your phone. You’ll likely be fine during the day in our own neighborhood, but aim to exercise caution. There’s no reason you can’t wait indoors until your driver is just a minute away.

  • Confirm your driver’s name and vehicle make.

Once your driver confirms your ride, you’ll have access to details like their first name, photo, vehicle type, and license plate number. Confirm these details before entering the car. In addition, ask your driver to confirm your name during pickup.

  • Share trip details with friends and family.

Drivers with poor ratings tend to be removed from their rideshare apps. That said, if you’re in any way concerned about your driver’s rating, cancel the ride and request another. In any case, you’ll want to share your trip information with friends and family.

To do this, simply press the “Share Status” button on Uber, or the “Send ETA” icon on Lyft.

  • Ride in the backseat.

If you have friends with you, feel free to take a seat anywhere in the vehicle you feel comfortable. If you’re alone, sit in the backseat. This will give you and your driver plenty of personal space and privacy, and promote an easier exit from the car.

  • Follow the route on your own device.

Rideshare drivers are expected to stick with the directions the app provides. To make sure they’re following an appropriate route, you can open up Apple Maps or Google Maps, and follow along on your phone. Aim to ask clarifying questions if needed.

  • Travel in groups when you can.

You know the saying “there’s safety in numbers”? While it isn’t always possible, traveling with others can bring real peace of mind. You might ride with a friend or two, or order a carpool option (known as “Uber Pool” and “Lyft Line” on Uber and Lyft, respectively).

If ever you feel unsafe, don’t hesitate to call 911. If you sense you are in imminent danger, exit the vehicle immediately and go to the nearest public place.

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