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Protecting Your Personal Property at the Airport

Worried about baggage theft when you travel by plane?

While having someone tamper with your personal property is unlikely, it’s still possible. It’s also (admittedly) a little unsettling—especially when you’re spending time in an airport surrounded by thousands of strangers.

No one wants to think it could happen to them. But here’s the thing: There’s risk involved in flying where your personal property is concerned.

There’s plenty you can do, however, to protect your property. Consider the following best practices:

· Keep your belongings on your person at all times.

This tip is twofold in that you’ll want to keep your carry-on with you at all times, and you’ll want to refrain from packing valuables in your checked luggage. Even if you once felt comfortable shoving a laptop or camera into your checked bag, try to resist the urge moving forward. The risk is simply too great.

· Secure your bags with luggage locks.

Are you familiar with Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved luggage locks? These virtually-foolproof accessories will deter thieves from targeting your belongings by making your bag look less easy to access. While most TSA agents are good, theft does happen—and luggage locks can help to prevent it.

· Travel with colorful bags and suitcases.

Like it or not, you can protect your personal belongings at the airport by taking—well, a more colorful approach. Vibrant, bright-colored bags are a lot easier to spot in crowded places, making them less enticing to thieves. Translation: Packing that floral-print suitcase you’ve been keeping at the back of your closet for years wouldn’t be the worst move.

Have questions about air travel, security, and protecting your personal belongings? Our team has you covered. Please contact us for more information on Umbrella and our full suite of security services.

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