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Lets Go On a Business Trip

It is important to learn to pack with carry-on only because the prices keep climbing to allow for checked baggage. So I'm learning to do this for the first time. I will admit that I am an excessive packer. I mean, probably like a 35-pound duffle bag for a short weekend at my parents. I still have stuff there too so I don't need to worry about toothpaste or a hair blow dryer. Luckily we just drive there so I can pack as much as I want and not get dinged for it. However, I have a trip coming up where we are flying, and I never fly much but always had the luxury of a checked bag, but not this time. Plus, there is no chance of your luggage being sent to another state with a connecting flight. 

Many of you may not be able to relate, but I know I can't be the only one. 

As I read all these packing lists and TSA guidelines, I thought I could share my process with you just in case you end up in the same situation as me. It would be helpful to read my post before this one, "Need A New Years Resolution?" You can use that technique to pack. Will it serve you a good purpose and how do you feel when you pick up certain clothes. My problem is that I never know what activities I might attend so I prepare for all possibilities. What I'm learning to make a free-flowing itinerary so you know your options. Don't pack an outfit per day, you don't need seven different pairs of jeans and shoes, most likely they will go untouched and no one's judging repeat outfits.

Pack clothes that are good options to mix match. Something you can dress up and dress down. Pack your socks in your shoes, finding multipurpose items, since you have to fit all our liquids in a 100 ml contained and then fit all of those in a quart bag. So no fancy face wash or liquid deodorant. Instead, I can find a small face wash that also moisturizes that face that is good at removing makeup. You could also go for face wipes that you wouldn't have to worry about packing as a liquid. You can also find specialty washes that can serve multiple purposes. There even solid shampoos and fragrances. Use your conditioner as shaving cream and if you're staying in a hotel don't worry about bringing some. You can last a week on hotel supplies. At least that's what I am convincing myself.

Always do your research before. Every airline is different for their measurements and weight. Plus you get a personal item! But again the size they allow for that can vary. 

Then packing the bag. Always keep your "interesting" items on top. Meaning your toiletries or activity items so if security has to investigate your hairbrush, it will be easier to access rather them taring apart your perfectly rolled shirts, you're sure you'll never get back into place and zip the bag. 

Do you NEED your laptop? If it's for business the answer might be yes, but can you load your documents on a flash drive or email yourself your notes? Google drive has awesome features to keep things organized. 

You can do it. We can do it. I can do it.


If you comment below I can update you on how it went and my 'packing list' for what fit and my process of choosing what could stay and what needs to go. Lets Go On a Business Trip!

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