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It’s 2022: What Does Life Look Like?

If there’s anything to say about 2020 from a lifestyle standpoint, it’s that we’ve been forced to adapt.

Businesses too have been forced to pivot.

There’s been a marked disruption in the way we live and work, and contactless interactions have become the norm.

Now, say it’s 2022—the year experts predict the pandemic will fully come to an end, with the COVID-19 vaccine approved and widely distributed.

What will life look like?

· More Virtual Meetings

In just a short time, work-from-home options and virtual meetings transformed the way we approach our jobs.

Some believe the efficiency this format brings has made leaders rethink having their people come in to the office each day. Remote work and video-conferencing platforms like Zoom are here to stay.

· Greater Emphasis on Personal Space

It feels like a lifetime ago that we shook hands with strangers and sat maskless on public transit Moving forward, there’ll likely be a greater focus on personal space—with people we don’t know in particular.

While chances are we’ll start hugging our extended families once again, we may be a little more hesitant no desire to make physical contact with strangers. In addition, public spaces like movie theaters and restaurants will almost certainly continue to emphasize personal space.

· Additional Restrictions for Mass Gatherings

Interested in cramming into a stadium with a couple hundred thousand people? We didn’t think so. And while live music and sporting events are bound to come back post-pandemic, the truth is that we can expect some restrictions.

These might include limits on the number of fans who can attend these events, staggered entrance times, and scheduled departure times. Some organizers might even install physical barriers separating people who didn’t arrive together.

Have questions about digital transformation or life post-COVID-19? Curious about the security services available here at Umbrella? Please contact us for a free consultation.

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