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How to Prevent Package Theft

Over 23 million Americans have fallen victim to package theft over the years.

You don’t have to be one of them. While package theft tends to peak during the holiday season, some porch pirates strike year-round. This post will outline some strategies for preventing this petty crime.

The Impact of Package Theft

Digital transformation and the COVID-19 pandemic have caused online shopping to skyrocket.

Who wouldn’t want to make easy purchases in a matter of clicks? And so with online shopping comes myriad packages—en route to consumers’ doors throughout the year. 59% of people claimed to have received at least one package per week in a recent study. Shipping delays in the wake of the holiday season have only added to the volume of packages moving around the country.

Though we’re well on our way through January, it’s important to stay vigilant. Package left victims lose an average of $106 per swiped delivery. 30% of people report not being compensated for their loss.

Fortunately, you can take action. Keep reading to learn how to ward off package thieves.

3 Ways to Prevent Package Theft

While package theft occurs more frequently in apartments and community buildings, it can happen anywhere. Here are three ways to reduce your risk:

1. Opt for a video doorbell.

A Ring or Nest camera could be enough to ward off package thieves. If they strike anyway, these devices could help catch them.

2. Require delivery signatures.

The next time you have a package shipped, require a signature. Do the same thing when you mail gifts to friends and family.

3. Keep in touch with your neighbors.

Planning to leave town for a bit? If you have the post office hold your mail but still expect packages, ask your neighbors for help. Offer to hold their packages in the future as well.

Together, your community can work to make porch pirates a thing of the past.

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