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How to Make Your Parking Lot Safer

Well-designed parking lots generally feel safe when it’s light outside.

But as the days grow shorter, and the temperatures get colder, it’s important for owners to take stock of their spaces—not only their storefronts, but their outdoor areas.

Below you’ll find some strategies for making your parking lot safer.

  • Offer secure waiting areas.

Well-lit pedestrian pathways and spacious reception areas make it easier for employees and customers to wait for rides or appointments right on your property. If ever you find members of your community waiting around, make sure they have safe and secure solutions at the ready.

  • Install lights as needed.

Good lighting is essential to a safe parking lot. Overhead pole lights and floodlights will keep your people safe when traveling to and from their vehicles. This time of year, consider evaluating the area and make sure there aren’t any dark places or gaps that need to be filled. Motion sensors are an option as well.

  • Add speed bumps.

Do you notice people zipping through your parking lot well over the speed limit? Speed bumps might be the way to go. They’re designed to slow down traffic and prevent accidents, forcing people to drop their speed and pay closer attention to pedestrians—and other vehicles—who might be in their path.

  • Experiment with parking escorts.

Don’t have the personnel to walk your employees and late-night customers to their cars, or to monitor your parking lot? You can either outsource a security solution or try out a virtual escort. Virtual escorts can monitor people on live video cameras, even talking to them on the phone if needed.

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