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How to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Do you prefer iPhones or Androids?

The answer is irrelevant (in this case). Here’s why: No matter your preferred smartphone, you’ll need to keep your device safe and secure. This post will outline some strategies for doing exactly that:

  • Lock your phone when you aren’t using it.

Using Touch ID, Facial Recognition, or a PIN number to access your device can help keep things secure, especially in the event of theft or loss.

  • Steer clear of public charging stations.

Bring your own charger, because some hackers actually install fake charging stations. Known as “juice jacking,” this scam involves stealing your phone’s data (or installing malware) when you plug in.

  • Back up your data.

Speaking of data, back yours up! If ever you lose or break your device, or it gets stolen, you’ll want to keep your data and apps secure. Always sync your phone to the cloud or an external hard drive (or both).

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

2FA is essential to protecting your mobile banking and social media apps. This important security feature must be enabled to work—but it’ll makes it significantly harder for hackers to steal or wipe your info.

  • Audit your apps for security issues.

Did you know that 83% of apps include at least one security issue? Yikes. Be sure to audit them and be vigilant about what permissions you grant. You don’t want to deal with security threats down the road.

  • Update your phone’s Operating System (OS) when possible.

Some people (myself included) wait longer than they should to update their phone’s OS. Please don’t follow my example. The truth is that every update is meant to better protect your device.

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