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How Much Should Businesses Pay Their Security Staff?

No matter the size of your company—and regardless of your location—security is critical.

It’s an investment that business owners should definitely make.

With that, you may choose to hire full-time security guards. These well-trained staff protect not only your customers, but your employees and business assets.

But how much do full-time security guards cost? This article will explore how much companies pay for full-time security. We’ll also go over the factors that influence these team members’ salaries.

Salary Range for Full-Time Security Guards

The salary range for full-time security guards may vary based on the candidate’s experience, qualifications, and training.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2021, U.S.-based security guards earned a median hourly wage of $17.23.

The lowest 10% of security guards earned under $11.18 per hour, while the highest 10% earned an hourly wage of over $24.06. Now let’s explore the factors that may affect a security guard’s salary.

Factors that Determine Security Guard Wages

As you saw in the last section, full-time security guards’ earnings can vary by quite a bit. Here are some of the factors that influence a security guard’s income:

  • Experience and training

A security guard with several years of experience can earn more than a guard who is new to the role. Not only that, but security guards with advanced training in firearms or emergency response can earn even more than many of their peers.

  • Location

The location of your business can also impact a full-time security guard’s salary. If you’re located in a place with a higher cost of living—for example, in a major city—you may need to pay more. This will help you attract top talent.

  • Industry

Business owners in certain industries may pay their security guards a higher salary. For example, healthcare or government settings tend to offer higher wages than retail or hospitality. These environments also present greater risks.

  • Job duties

A guard’s job duties can also influence their salary. Consider an employee responsible for managing access control, conducting patrols, and responding to emergencies. This security guard may earn more than one who monitors a security camera.

  • Contract vs. in-house

Some businesses choose to outsource their security needs to a third-party security company. Outsourcing can be more cost-effective for businesses that don’t require full-time security staff—and for those with limited security budgets. In these cases, a contract agreement between the business and the security company will lay out the cost of services.

It’s important that you carefully consider the above factors when determining the salary of a full-time security guard. The cost of security should be seen as a necessary expense to protect your customers, property, and staff.

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