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How Much Do Private Investigators Cost?

Wondering how much it costs to hire a private investigator (PI)?

There’s no one-size-fits-all price for PI services. The client’s investment tends to vary, with the exact amount due based on the scope of work and the investigator’s credentials.

This piece will outline all the factors at play in PI pricing.

How Do Private Investigators Price Their Services?

Private investigators may structure their rates in any number of ways. Some charge a retainer fee, or a deposit to cover a portion of their time and expenses in advance.

Those who don’t require an upfront payment may simply charge an hourly rate. In many cases, they’ll offer a discounted rate for longer assignments.

Additionally, some investigators will offer a flat rate based on the service in question. They may have a specific rate for background checks, for example, and another for retrieving important documents or finding a missing person.

Transparency is key, and it’s important to note that the investigator may also charge for travel, gas, and other expenses. Be sure to discuss these things before hiring a PI in order to get a clear sense of the total amount you’ll be paying.

What Factors Influence PI Pricing?

All PI cases are different. This means they take different amounts of time, and require different resources. It’s also worth noting that larger cities typically have higher operational costs than rural areas.

The complexity of the case also plays a role in the overall cost of services—for example, locating a long-lost relative takes less time than collecting evidence for trial.

Tenant screenings, surveillance, background checks, forensic document examinations, and other services will each feature a unique price tag.

And a less experienced provider may charge a lower rate than a seasoned investigator (though you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a solid return on your investment before committing to someone with limited experience).

Ultimately, there are usually a range of pricing tiers—and most private investigators will work with you to accommodate your budget. Just be sure to find the right fit before making a commitment.

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