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COVID-19: Security Strategies for Returning to the Office

In the current stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, some departments are returning to the office.

What should this transition look like?

· Team Members Must Test Negative for COVID-19

Leaders need to prioritize the health of their staff. This means all employees should be tested for the novel coronavirus before coming back to the office—and arrangements must be made to ensure a safe and streamlined process for everyone involved.

· Keep Physical Distancing Top of Mind

Stakeholders—before ending remote work arrangements—need to reconfigure the office with socially-distanced seating and easily-accessible sanitizing stations. Staff must also have access to the monitors and equipment required to go about their daily tasks.

· Make a Plan for Backup Safes and Servers

We’re all dealing with change—but in the security industry, safes, servers, and other protected equipment critical to your company’s operations still play a key role. To keep everyone healthy, it’s important to impose a limit on how many staff can enter enclosed spaces at a time.

· Don’t Overlook Turnover

Remote teams aren’t exempt from turnover. If your department has experienced turnover while working from home, make sure all past employees can return their IDs and hardware. In addition, you’ll want to make sure all new staff have the resources they need to complete their work.

· Reduce Your Security Team’s Risk of Infection

You may be back in the office—or gearing up for your return—but the pandemic isn’t over. To keep your people safe, you should assess whether your security controls present health risks for staff. Alternatives to biometric controls like fingerprint scanners are generally a safer bet during this time.

With these strategies in your arsenal, your team can at the very least prepare to head back to the office. Have questions? Please contact us for details on our security services.

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