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Bonus Tasks | Security Guards on TV and Movie Sets

Expert sources claim that filmmaking here in Michigan is “on the rebound.”

Exciting stuff, right?

Tax credits are just the beginning. With film crews headed our way to capture the beauty of the Mitten State, we want to give these personnel a warm welcome. From a security standpoint, we hope to keep productions safe and secure—and everyone involved comfortable.

But how? Last week we wrote about the benefits of hiring security for your next production. This week we’re going to take things a step further and go into even more detail.

This article will outline some crucial tasks security guards can complete for TV and movie productions.

Traffic control

Some security guards—many of them off-duty police—will make sure the city you’re filming in honors your permits. They will keep fire lanes open, oversee street closures, and manage traffic as needed. This is especially important when your set is in a busy or public area.

Badge verification

Only your cast and crew are allowed on set—and our security guards will make certain that no one else gets in. The right security team will ask people to show their badge (or other credentials) before gaining access to your production. This brings us back to the importance of perimeter control.

Bag search

Like any other crowded event, you want to keep drugs and weapons far from your production. To achieve this, security personnel can conduct bag searches at the start of each day—or any time someone tries to enter your set. This will help keep your cast and crew safe in an efficient, streamlined way.

VIP escorts

If there are public figures involved in your production, you’ll want to go the extra mile in keeping them safe. Whether you’re dealing with a famous actor (or several), a renowned director, or other important players, a licensed security team will escort—or even drive—your VIPs to and from set.

These are just some of the tasks security guards take on. If you decide to bring your next production to Michigan, please know that you can expect all of this and so much more from your trusted partner.

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